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GLAZING SERVICES                     (Crosstown - Memphis, TN)

Setting Glass and Erecting Aluminum Systems makes up 75% of all our Revenues at Glaziers on Demand. Customers often ask us how much we do of each system and to answer that question we made the following breakdown:

Stickbuld Curtain Wall - 25%

Storefront - 20%

Window Wall - 15%

Architectural Heavy Glass - 12.5%

Commercial Windows - 10%

Architectural Products (Sunshades, Glass Fins, Etc..) - 8%

Unitized Curtain Wall / Pre-Glazed - 7.5%

Shower Doors - 1.5%

Mirrors - .5%

Please realize to acquire our services you must have your own Field Superintendent and Project Management Team. To make the most of every project will require hard work from both companies.  We will do whatever you tell us to do no matter if it's packing vinyl or picking up trash but it's not our job to order glass, make your fab sheets or to take part in any other management activities. It is your job to direct all glazing activities and determine the schedule and how the work is to be done. We are simply a Labor Broker that connects you with the best Glaziers in the Nation and we aide in training and human resources. Every Project we are part of we have our own Project Manager as well as a General Superintendent and a Safety Superintendent signed to. All of our Glaziers are in a contract with us as we are with our customers and we make sure every week that they are upholding their end of the contract. We fill we have to actually work to keep our jobs and so we will never send a company rep to your site to dictate how you run your job or the men as long as we are treated as you would like to be treated. Our Glazier Force is not their to do anything more than simply work.